St Cadfan's Church, Tywyn

St Cadfan's Church in Tywyn is a Grade 1 listed Norman church dating from the 11th century. The church is known for housing the Cadfan Stone (inscribed with the oldest known written Welsh) and it's Romanesque architecture. We were commissioned to undertake a topographical survey of the church and surrounding grounds and complete measured building survey of the church building to a very high, exacting specification. The purpose of the surveys was to enable planning of conservation, masonry, and repair works to the church.

Data capture for the topographical survey was undertaken by total station and this established survey control for the measured building survey. Due to the relatively compact,detailed, and designated layout of the church, data capture was carried out by laser scanner. However, the very narrow and enclosed spiral stone staircase leading up the tower could not be surveyed using traditional laser scanning techniques so we utilised the latest generation handheld laser scanner for this aspect. All scanning data was merged together to produce a point cloud.

Once the point cloud had been generated we produced floor plans, elevations, and sections in CAD. Internal elevation drawings were also requested, although this information was very intricate and detailed but in reality very easy to deliver and abstract from the point cloud.


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