Sighthill, Glasgow

Gwalia Surveyors were delighted to be involved in the £250 million urban regeneration of Sighthill, Glasgow - the biggest regeneration plan outside of London. We were charged with supplying underground utilities mapping for 50 hectares of urban land, brown field land, and parkland. The scale of this project required careful organisation and due consideration as planned demolition of several large residential tower blocks was scheduled. A recent topographical survey was supplied to us and would provide the basis for our utilities survey and recent STATS records were obtained. High priority areas were identified and a program of works was produced.

We deployed multiple teams of surveyors operating both EML and GPR detection units together with total stations and GPS mapping instruments. We encountered several challenges, most notable was concern over a pungent aroma present in one specific area of the site. The area was close to a public highway with the aroma suspected of emanating from public sewers. Gas monitors were issued to all field staff as a precaution. It was believed that remnants from a local demolished historical chemical dumping lagoon was leaching into the public sewers causing the smell. We always adopt a "better to be safe" attitude.

Recorded data was processed daily to ensure strict timescales were maintained. The existing topographical survey was constantly checked on site and updated where necessary and provided the base mapping. The underground utilities survey was added highlighting all located features and any local constraints or areas of concern. Final QC was methodically undertaken service by service to create the final deliverable drawings which were presented in several formats. A detailed technical report was also produced to illustrate any specific issues relating to the survey.


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