Lakeshore, Bristol - £15m, 136 new apartments, further 16 within the existing structure

Gwalia Surveyors was approached by WRW Construction to provide a topographical survey of a multi-storey car park at Lakeshore, Bristol with a view to construct a new apartment building on top of the car park. Subsequently a complete underground utility survey was commissioned and duly undertaken of the site and surrounding roads. A full measured building survey of the multi-storey car park was then commissioned. Data capture was performed by laser scanner and a fully geo-referenced point cloud produced enabling the production of accurate floor plans and sections which was critical in the design of the steel frame structure.

Further additional services which Gwalia Surveyors supplied on this project included site survey control for setting out purposes, concrete scanning mapping steel reinforcement bars within columns and slabs which could then be avoided for drilling purposes, tower crane oversail drawings, and precise elevation drawings (utilizing laser scanning) for external cladding erection with very challenging tolerances!


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