Helipad, University Hospital of Wales

We were tasked to undertake a GPR survey of the helipad at the University Hospital of Wales just down the road from our head office in Cardiff. The helipad is an elevated structure consisting of concrete beams, columns, decks, and slabs. There were no record as-built or design plans available, therefore the purpose of our survey was to investigate reinforcement within the concrete structure with a view to assist structural engineers.

Data was collected using a handheld GPR in both x and y axis. A combination of 2D profiles and 3D grids were performed on different structural elements such as columns, beams, and grids across the whole structure. The collected data was downloaded and processed using post-processing GPR software. This allowed the data to be interrogated and manipulated in 3D providing information regarding slab thickness and reinforcement details such as cover, layout, frequency/spacing, and size.

The technical report we issued contained images of the collected GPR data "sliced" and plan view combined with supporting CAD drawings which highlighted our findings clearly in a simple format.


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